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Our Training Program & Projects

Get trained and placed in top IT companies with CODEMAAZTR's 0% Fee Free Placement Program

CODEMAAZTR Training & Placement Program

CODEMAAZTR is a software training and placement brand formed by SCIENTIAARC which is a leading IT firm in India started its journey in 2013 supporting clients from 4 major countries with its exceptional customer service and IT infrastructures and technology. This software training program is to train candidates from their core idea to the professional level. Ultimately, support placements in the top IT sector as well as recruit onboard with upgraded skills.

Free Placements

Masterclass Training Program

We provide training with projects undergone, training on the basis and upgrades with projects. We make sure that you have learned the fundamentals of a course taken and upgrade your skills with project handling and project management oriented. Our unique way of learning makes you a stress-free learning experience and is handled by field-experienced trainers.

Introduction to Software's
Structures of Data Types
Program Flow Control
Functions, Modules & Packages
String, List and Dictionary Manipulations
Object Oriented Programming (OoPS)
File Operation
Regular Expression
Exception Handling
Database Interaction
API Integration
Machine Learning
Algorithm Modelling
Modelling & Simulation

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